YFC Cleveland

YFC raises over $150,000 Ukrainian Relief for Staff

April 18, 2022


Collecting Funds for YFC Ukraine relief.

As Russia continues their assault on Ukraine, Youth For Christ is doing its part to help provide aid for those who have been displaced from their homes. Collectively, Youth For Christ USA has raised over $150,000 for YFC Ukraine relief. 100% of funds collected will be sent to YFC International’s European regional office. Specifically, this office will take care of distribution, oversight, and stewardship.

Initially, YFC’s goal was to raise resources to support 75 people over 3 months with the understanding that. $20 per day provides food and shelter for one YFC Ukraine staff or volunteer who has been displaced in Slovakia. Beyond that, resources will go to support the rebuilding of the youth ministry in Ukraine.

One YFC chapter, Greater Cleveland Youth For Christ, is going above and beyond to provide funds for Ukrainian relief.

Greater Cleveland YFC

YFC Cleveland Executive Director Jeff Thompson said, “We at Greater Cleveland YFC have been blessed by God and wanted to give back. Our goal is to support the YFC International staff in Ukraine. We want to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people in some small way. We only gave as God led us to and as he has blessed us.”


“Many of our staff here at Greater Cleveland YFC have been impacted by Ukraine. Brian Walls, Greater Cleveland YFC Director of Operations, has done 9 or 10 short-term mission trips to Ukraine. With that said, his heart is deeply burdened for Ukrainians. Equally important, Pegi Powe, Greater Cleveland YFC Juvenile Justice Ministry Director, has two adopted daughters from Ukraine and traveled there separately for each daughter. Powe has stories of how the Lord worked to make a way to adopt her girls. Her heart is deeply burdened for Ukrainians as well.”


On the whole, Thompson says, “Greater Cleveland YFC and all YFC staff across the country are praying for God’s will to be done and for peace in Ukraine.”