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We invite you to support young people wanting to experience God’s love in new and exciting ways.

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Now More Than Ever

Now more than ever, Youth For Christ is playing an essential role in communities by meeting the mental, physical and spiritual needs of the young people we serve. Since our inception, gathering young people and sharing the Gospel has been a core of our ministry. Since the COVID pandemic we have seen a rise in the number of kids participating in small group trips and weekend gatherings in addition to our traditional camp models. Year round trips have also made it possible for young people to experience God’s profound love throughout the year, not only in the summer months.

Because of these new trends, Youth For Christ USA has created a scholarship fund that will support young people across the US for trips and camping experiences. Our hope is that YFC partners like you, will see the value of an investment into this scholarship opportunity and join us as we serve more kids by offering them these life-changing experiences.

New Opportunity


Youth For Christ is uniquely positioned to provide the best experience possible.

Over many years, trips and camping experiences have proven foundational as part of Youth For Christ’s strategy to come alongside young people with the good news about Jesus.

YFC camps/trips are recognized as an effective and efficient model. One of our unique distinctives is that we focus on kids who don’t know Christ. We continue to see 25% of YFC campers make a first-time decision to follow Jesus. (This is compared to a 6% national average for other Christian camps).

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Efficiency is Evident

Youth For Christ does not own any camp real estate, which lowers our total overhead. When you fund trips and camps, you’re investing in kids... not overhead.

Youth For Christ has built the foundation for an excellent experience for our kids. Young people have the opportunity to experience the love of God outside of the normal stresses of their environment. In trip environments, we help young people uncover God’s story of hope in their lives.

Over 70% of attendees self-report that they have positive movement towards a relationship with Jesus when they experience YFC camps and trips. Some move from being away/without God towards coming closer to Jesus. Others who have accepted Christ express that they are ready to move to the next step of sharing their faith with others, while also growing closer to Jesus

Timing Is Critical

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Our new YFC Trips model recognizes that there are more kids who can benefit from encountering God’s people and God’s love. This new path offers trips throughout the entire year. Trips are especially good for kids who can’t be away from home for long periods of time.

Barriers associated with coming to traditional camp, such as geography, cost, context (being away from home) or unsupportive parents (parents without faith or parents with language barriers), are now significantly reduced.

Research also reveals changes in what younger generations need to feel comfortable when they are in new environments. Smaller gatherings are preferred over large experiences. With mental health issues on the rise, anxiety in young people is prevalent. This has a substantial impact on how we think about creating the right conditions for a young person to experience Jesus. Rethinking and innovating a meaningful trip experience includes lessening anxiety from the start, by thinking smaller in scale, more localized and shorter in time commitment.

You can make a difference

Nearly 50% of our kids come from homes with a combined family income of $50,000 or less, and many families are struggling at or below the poverty line.

It’s important for kids to have experiences like trips and camps as it builds relationships with safe, caring adults in an atmosphere that reduces their normal stressors of daily life: need for shelter, food, and having a safe environment. We can provide these basic needs so the kids can focus on other things. This allows them to process differently. Not worrying about basic needs means they can focus on hearing from others about the transformative love of Jesus.

Scholarships for YFC trips and camps support young people whose families are financially struggling, as well as those youth who want to attend, but whose parents don’t necessarily prioritize faith in Jesus as important.

We invite you to support young people wanting to experience God’s love in new and exciting ways.

Give to the Trip Scholarship Fund Today