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$20 per day provides food and shelter for one YFC Ukraine staff or volunteer who is displaced in Slovakia.


We are heartbroken over the desperate situation that our brothers and sisters are facing in Ukraine. 

As you may know, Youth For Christ USA is a member nation of Youth For Christ International, serving in over 100 countries worldwide. YFC in Ukraine has a faithful history of providing services to children and youth. Their ministry includes several teen centers in the capital city, where youth come for safety, meals, fellowship, and support through trauma.  

In addition to praying for peace and protection, many have asked how we can be of tangible support. 

In response to the YFC Ukraine national director’s update below, we have set up a US-based emergency fund. We will collect resources to support YFC staff and volunteers who are serving kids in Ukraine, and our Ukrainian staff and volunteers who are displaced throughout Eastern Europe.  

100% of funds collected will be sent to YFC International’s European regional office for distribution, oversight, and stewardship.  Our initial goal is to raise resources to support 75 people over 3 months, understanding that $20 per day provides food and shelter for one YFC Ukraine staff or volunteer who is displaced in Slovakia. Beyond that, resources will go to support the rebuilding of youth ministry in Ukraine.    

April 4th, 2022 UPDATE

We asked for support, and our YFC USA family responded generously!

Our original goal was 75 people, $20 per day, for 90 days ($135,000). Together, we’ve raised $169,615.50, and the gifts continue to come in. This support will provide food and shelter for YFC Ukraine staff and volunteers who are displaced in Slovakia, as well as resource the rebuilding of youth ministry in Ukraine.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for what has been provided so quickly. Please join us in praising God!


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To give via check, please mail to “Youth For Christ USA” with “YFC Ukraine Emergency Fund” in the memo line: PO Box 4478, Englewood, CO 80155. 

Update from Andriy Kostyshyn, National Director, YFC Ukraine

February 27, 2022 

Greetings dear friends! Thank you very much for your prayers for Ukraine! You all know that the situation in Ukraine is now very difficult.  

Now the people of Ukraine live between life and death. God sent me to Slovakia to prepare a place for the Youth for the Christ of Ukraine team, their families and volunteers, as well as for refugees from Ukraine, now these are women and children who are scared to death. Men and boys from 18-65 years old, they cannot leave Ukraine, they can be called in to defend our homeland Ukraine. We will also coordinate the help needed in the other YFC nations who provide help.  

We are very grateful to God for Vlasto Director of Youth for Christ Slovakia and Slavo, board member of Youth for Christ Slovakia are ready to receive 75 people and provide for them: 

A warm and clean bed, clean water for drinking and hot water for washing and hot and good food during the day, which many children and women of Ukrainian refugees now dream of, who are standing on the border sometimes even 75 km in line.  

One month of accommodation and meals for 75 people will cost 40,000 euros at the Ranch in Slovakia. YFC Slovakia is stopping their activities to help people. We want to start for help to collect at least for the first month, and planning for three months.  

This is in Slovakia, but we are also connecting with our brothers and sisters in Romania, Moldova and Hungary who want to help. We don’t know what will happen in the near future.  We will start with the support for the first month. There’s a lot insecure at this moment. Also if (national) governments or relief organizations will or are able to help us. We want to start with helping our YFC family to offer a safe place. Please consider your support. 

Andriy Kostyshyn, National Director of YFC Ukraine

yfc usa loves yfc ukraine