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YFC Engages Youth During these Dark and Desperate Times

May 15, 2023


Engaging with Youth

American youth are suffering the consequences of the severe limitations brought on by COVID-19. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies have spiked by more than 60% since 2019. This mental health decline is exacerbated by even more national tragedies such as the recent horrific shootings. Places such as Nashville, Tennessee and Cleveland, Texas have been the most recent areas with these tragedies. With so many negative influences, today’s youth are more at risk than ever before.


Youth For Christ (YFC,, a leader in the missional ministry community in America for 78 years, is not only aware of this mental health crisis, but willing and eager to stand in the gap and come alongside struggling youth.

Taking Action

“The tragedies kids face in this post-pandemic landscape are astronomical,” said YFC President and CEO Jacob Bland. “But God can overcome this. There is a significant opportunity to reverse the trend by bringing hope to a broken world. Our words are imperfect, but we are emboldened to continue putting our prayers into action.


“Youth For Christ’s focus is coming alongside young people who are experiencing pivotal moments in life – such as the current tragedies that are happening in the world right now. Young people can often feel hopeless or overwhelmed especially in times of tragedy. It’s our passion to make them feel seen, heard, and valued. In a world of chaos, YFC leaders are equipped to step into the darkness and be a consistent positive voice.”


Bland continued, “Jesus offers hope. We want young people to know that God sees them, understands, and cares deeply. This is why we recently launched a new online Leader Journey System — a tool that will equip and train leaders who are ready to respond to this call.”

 Building Relationships

According to the Washington Post, seven in 10 school shootings have been carried out by people under the age of 18. Additionally, one source stated that youth who have positive, healthy relationships with mentors show increased high school graduation rates, healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, while also decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use and stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers.


“Positive, godly relationships can really turn the tide for a kid who is struggling,” Bland stated. “This is what YFC is all about — connecting with youth during key moments in their lives and providing loving, biblical support.”


For more information about how YFC is ready to reach youth struggling with the mental health crisis, click here.

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