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The tragedies kids face in this post-pandemic landscape are astronomical. But God can overcome this. There is a significant opportunity to reverse the trends, bringing hope to a broken world.

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YFC is Ready.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few

In order to engage 1,000,000 young people across the country in authentic, Christ-sharing relationships - on campus, in the community, in juvenile facilities, and through YFC camps - we need to recruit and train 200,000 volunteer leaders.

YFC is ready, and your investment makes a difference.

We recently launched a new online Leader Journey System – a tool that’s ready to scale, providing equipping and training to leaders prepared to respond to this call. But building an army of volunteers will require additional resources to launch and sustain their work.

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Together with you, this is our opportunity to uncover God’s story of hope in an entire next generation. Change the headlines. Partner with YFC.

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YFC Is Ready

Our hearts are heavy as we have watched the tragic events occurring in the communities of Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY. We are compelled to mourn and pray for all who have been touched by this unimaginable grief. We also acknowledge that so many countless others share this grief due to similar tragic events in their lives.

Our words are imperfect, but we are emboldened to continue putting our prayers into action. Youth For Christ’s focus is coming alongside young people experiencing pivotal moments in life. Young people can often feel hopeless or overcome especially in times of tragedy, and it’s our passion to make them feel seen, heard, and valued. In a world of chaos, we are equipping YFC leaders to step into the darkness and be a consistent voice. Your investment with YFC directly changes the lives of young people by providing authentic mentorship in critical moments.

Jesus offers hope. We want young people to know God sees them, understands, and cares deeply. We are with these communities in this grief and refuse to become unaffected or apathetic to this violence. Join us

  • The Crisis: Since 1999, seven in ten school shootings have been carried out by people under the age of 18, when counting cases where the shooter’s age was recorded, The Washington Post reported. The median age of school shooters is 16.

    With your help, Youth For Christ has an opportunity to come alongside young people and offer hope in the midst of tragedy.

  • Twice as many young people in Gen Z say they believe in a higher power’s existence, than those who doubt. (From Springtide Research Institute 2021 Report – “The State of Religion and Young People” – Navigating Uncertainty)

  • 51% of young people said “I don’t even know how to get connected to a faith community, even if I wanted to.” In YFC, we go to them! (From Springtide Research Institute 2021 Report – “The State of Religion and Young People” – Navigating Uncertainty)

  • Nearly 70% of young people said that after the pandemic, they wouldn't take for granted the relationships around them the way they did before. Kids also said that “Trusted Guides” and humble mentors are what they crave most. This is what we do in YFC! We invest the time to get face to face with kids and introduce them to Jesus Christ… the Way, the Truth and the Life. (From Springtide Research Institute 2021 Report – “The State of Religion and Young People” – Navigating Uncertainty)

Are you ready to reverse the trends?

Will you be an agent of change in this next generation by partnering with YFC in what God is actively doing? Give a gift before July first to engage in young people's lives.