Youth For Christ Camps Allow Young People to Grow in Christ

May 23, 2022


Youth For Christ Summer Camps

A new report revealed that a large number of parents are not passing on a biblical worldview to their children. The study found while 67% of American parents with pre-teens identify as Christian, only 2% possess a biblical worldview.


For Youth For Christ, YFC, a staple in the missional ministry community in America for 77 years, these statistics only further their dedication to come alongside youth during pivotal moments in their lives and share the love of Christ through meaningful relationships. With summer just on the horizon for most students, YFC Camps provide a fun and unique way for youth to learn more about Christ through godly, compassionate adult leaders.

Camp Purpose

Seth Baker, Chief Ministry Strategist of YFC USA, said, “Whether going to camp as a kid or speaking, leading and serving at camp for Youth For Christ, I love it. At camp, the hopeless is suddenly possible as God seems to delight in doing the miraculous. As one of my mentors used to say, ‘The veil between heaven and earth just gets thinner at camp.’”


Baker continued, “It is so important for our leaders to be intentional, prayerful, relational, and boldly Christ-centered as youth from all walks of life come to build relationships, make memories, and grow in their walks with Christ. Imagine if every adult lived their lives in this way and how it would impact the youth of America. Could we commit to relational discipleship that is radically focused on Jesus at the core of everything we do? What if we were intentionally prayerful about every kid in our ministry throughout the year? Could we be unreservedly bold about the Gospel every day?

What Makes Camp Special?

“Maybe then the things that make camp so special would start to make a random Sunday evening in April miraculous. We might experience spiritual breakthroughs after a volleyball match in November. A random Friday evening might be the night when the hopeless becomes possible for kids. Maybe the veil between heaven and earth would get thinner over coffee. All we have to do as followers of Christ is obey the calling to reach out to the young people in our lives and show them the love of God that we have undeservedly received.”


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