Youth For Christ Camp Kick-Off!

June 7, 2022


Summer Camp at YFC

As schools begin to let out for the summer and teens are looking for summer activities, Youth For Christ (YFC) is proud to offer a fun, Christ-filled option — YFC camps. From June to August, YFC Camp will be deployed throughout the country at various camp properties, collectively reaching the next generation.


Since its beginning in 1944, YFC has been raising up lifelong followers of Jesus by creating transformational environments such as YFC camp for young people through authentic relationships, shared experiences, outdoor challenges and times of solitude that draw students to the heart of God.


“We’re thrilled to report that YFC camps and summer trips are back at a time when kids need authentic, Christ-sharing relationships more than ever,” said Jacob Bland, YFC president and CEO.

Growing YFC Camp

“Throughout the pandemic, we have increased our training and equipping efforts to help local leaders everywhere re-imagine and prepare for innovative camp experiences. This year, we will host large YFC camps at regional locations while supporting dozens of unique, localized camp expressions for kids who need hope. As a result, we expect to engage more kids than ever before. YFC remains ‘geared to the times and anchored to the Rock,’ meaning we will keep innovating in how camp is delivered while always being focused on creating environments that invite God to transform the lives of young people.”


In a typical summer, YFC engages nearly 10,000 kids in YFC camp opportunities through nationally led regional camps as well as local camping opportunities at 130 chapters across America.


YFC camp offers an exciting and safe place for kids who do not know Jesus and who have not grown up in a church. Leaders build high-trust relationships with kids at pivotal moments who are searching for identity, purpose, and belonging. Year-round relationships are built as leaders listen to kids’ stories, and ultimately connect them to God’s story of hope for their lives.

How YFC Camp Has Changed Lives

Students who participated in YFC camps have commented on the impact the camps have had on their lives:


“God healed a lot of places in my heart that were wounded, and He really confirmed for me that He does not condemn me.”


“I realized that by surrendering my life to Christ I can be the ultimate me. I also learned that His plans for my life far exceed those I can make on my own.”


“This week God taught me to look beyond what my eyes can see.”


“I know now that I am the most important and beautiful thing God has created.”