yfc camp westin

YFC Camp: Westin

May 1, 2021


Westin was sitting alone outside the YFC Camp club room. His life up to this point was hard; he was socially awkward and not comfortable in the large group of other students at camp. He didn’t want to come inside but longed to hear more of the story of Jesus as it was being unpacked and shared. After club, Westin’s leader spent some focused one-on-one time with him and learned more of his story. 

That night, everything changed for Westin as he made the decision to follow Jesus. He said “YES”!

Many people, maybe yourself included, can point to a camp experience that ignited their faith in Jesus. This is why YFC Camp has become such a pivotal place to help kids take that next step in their faith; whether accepting Jesus for the first time or solidifying their decision as a follower of His.

yfc camp westin

Where Everything Changes

Roughly 25% of all kids who come to YFC Camp make a first-time decision for Christ.