YFC Camp Tubing

YFC Camp: Nick

July 15, 2021


Last spring, Nick’s older sister was volunteering at a local church when she met YFC Campus Life leader. He invited her to go to YFC Camp and attend a camp meeting about it. Nick was in Boy Scouts so YFC Camp looked like it could be fun! So, he signed up to go, too, even though he knew they would have some ‘churchy’ stuff there. Ultimately, he decided he didn’t care and since he could get a scholarship to go, his family was going to let him.

Nick’s sister ended up not going because of a conflict, and he almost decided not to go either. But decided to go after all and was glad he did! YFC Camp was an amazing experience for Nick! It was a place where he could be himself, make people laugh, and have fun. He went tubing and was ‘freaked out’ on the High Ropes course.

Nick said he really loved the activities especially the one where he went out at night and went through an obstacle course with his cabin protecting their leader from people with water guns squirting paint at them. He still has paint on those clothes. But his favorite part was meal time, story time and just looking up at the stars at night. He didn’t really participate in cabin time much, but towards the end of camp he found himself being more open about his feelings.

On the last day, while water tubing, he felt like he was falling off of the tube, and then he felt this rush of wind push him back up. He said, “It was like the hand of God lifting me up on the tube!” It made him start wondering about things in his life and if God really existed.

The last night of YFC Camp, the band was playing, and Nick felt he had to talk to his YFC Leader. Once he worked up the courage, everything was in slow motion, he walked through the crowd and found him and said, “YES!” to a relationship with Jesus.

Nick was very thankful for the opportunity to go to YFC Camp, saying, “It changed my life forever!”

YFC Camp Tubing

Where Everything Changes

Roughly 25% of all kids who come to YFC Camp make a first-time decision for Christ.