YFC leader at Camp

YFC Camp: Mia

June 15, 2021


Mia carries the weight of being a first-generation immigrant. She feels she has to live out the “American Dream.”

Because of a YFC National Camp Scholarship, Mia was able to attend a YFC Camp.

On the way to YFC Camp, Mia expressed anxiety over being out of touch with her family for an entire week. The moment we stepped off the bus though, it was as if Mia could walk a bit lighter. She jumped into every activity at YFC Camp- tubing, sailing, high ropes, a giant swing etc.

Due to her family circumstances, Mia was used to having to work for everything, making the idea of grace and salvation difficult. During Cabin Time, Mia compared grace to a staircase saying,

..it’s like if I’m on a staircase and I’m on the fifth stair and God is at the top but I can’t get any further up the stairs because each of my sins is stacked on the stairs in front of me. Then Jesus comes to my stair, brings a broom and starts sweeping all the clutter away from the stairs and I’m just standing there watching him. I want to tell him no; I need to earn it. I can’t just walk to God at the top now, I’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

YFC Camp and solo night helped Mia to see that Jesus wanted to clear her staircase of sin with her. She didn’t have to earn his love or hesitate to run to God. Mia said “YES” to a relationship with Jesus on the way home.

YFC leader at Camp

Where Everything Changes

Roughly 25% of all kids who come to YFC Camp make a first-time decision for Christ.