YFC Camp Cabin Group

YFC Camp: Jenny

August 15, 2021


Over the past year, Jenny showed up sporadically to our YFC small group. Over time, she let her YFC leader into her painful story of her parent’s divorce. This particular summer she eagerly attended YFC small group hangouts where she made new friends. She also invited friends to YFC Campus Life. Jenny showed an interest in learning more about God yet teetered back and forth on following Him.

But God..

The week of YFC Camp was an eye opener for Jenny. As the Holy Spirit tugged on her heart, she cried through the first large group time and didn’t know why. On the second day of YFC Camp, Jenny made the decision of placing her trust in Jesus. She received her very own bible and she carried it around with her all day. She began to serve the table during our family meals, pray for the cabin of girls before bed, and burst out in singing randomly as we roamed around YFC Camp. As YFC Camp came to an end, Jenny’s excitement of her decision still exuberated from her body.

A Week of YFC Camp Changed Everything for Jenny.

YFC Camp Cabin Group

Where Everything Changes

Roughly 25% of all kids who come to YFC Camp make a first-time decision for Christ.