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YFC Annual Trips are a Time for ‘discovery, decision, or discipleship’ for Teens in Crisis

June 6, 2023


Youth’s Mental Health

America’s youth are in a battle unlike any other in history. The mental health of today’s youth is at an all-time low. Despite 51% of U.S. teens identifying as Christians, only 8% display beliefs and behaviors that are consistent with the faith. As social media becomes even more prominent — to the detriment of youth — today’s teens are more lost than ever before.


This is why Youth For Christ (YFC, www.yfc.net), a leader in worldwide youth outreach and ministry for nearly eight decades, is vital in the rescue to redeem America’s youth. YFC works to uncover God’s story of hope in the next generation by working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.

YFC Camps and Trips

One-way YFC works to support teens in need is through annual Trips. These year-round Trips make it possible for youth to experience God’s profound love throughout the year, not only in the summer months. By creating a fun and safe atmosphere, teens are able to share each other’s burdens and learn more about Christ. YFC is able to facilitate meaningful conversations that can help youth learn about God’s story for their lives. Over 70% of attendees say they have positive movement towards a relationship with Jesus when they experience YFC camps and trips.


“Now more than ever, Youth For Christ is playing an essential role in communities by meeting the mental, physical and spiritual needs of the young people we serve,” said YFC CEO Jake Bland. “Since our inception, gathering young people and sharing the Gospel has been a core of our ministry. We have seen a significant rise in the number of kids participating in small group trips and weekend gatherings in addition to our traditional camp models.”

Discovery, Decision, and Discipleship

One YFC staff member that knows firsthand the personal impact YFC Trips can have on youth is YFC Denver’s Director of Campus Life Ministries Donny McCleery. After the tragic loss of his young son in a car accident, McCleery felt drawn to YFC’s unique approach towards youth ministry. YFC’s Trips hold a special place in McCleery’s heart.


“Our Trips can be a time of discovery, decision, or discipleship,” said McCleery. “We as a unit knew that the best way to share the Gospel with the teens was not just to preach it from the main stage but also within their small groups. This strategy allowed God to work in a personal way, and at a recent Trip we took, 41 out of the 58 kids that came with us committed their lives to Christ. By allowing the students to discover Christ together, lifelong relationships are created and they learn about the love of God on a deeper level.


“These kids are hungry for Jesus. They’re open to Jesus and want something better in this world. They watch the news and see the tragedies happening around the world and just know that Jesus is the answer. It is time for us as Christian leaders at YFC to get out there and share the Gospel before it’s too late.”


For more information about YFC Trips, click here.

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