New Music Video Sean C. Johnson

(Watch) This is “The Moment”

September 14, 2021


The Moment feat. Kadence & Sean C. Johnson

New Music Video Sean C. Johnson

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The Moment feat. Kadence & Sean C. Johnson


We partnered with Christian Hip Hop artist, Kadence and Sean C. Johnson to bring to life the work of YFC thru music. We hope “The Moment” becomes a staple on your playlist and your hearts.

“If one moment creates a change, then we don’t have a single one to waste.”

So begins “The Moment,” a new single released by Christian hip hop artists Kadence and Sean C. Johnson. The message of the song encourages listeners to take advantage of every moment they have, challenging them to consider each moment for a higher purpose—to advance the kingdom of God. Soulful and inspiring, the song has key themes that are vital in the current cultural atmosphere.

But for Youth For Christ a pillar of missional ministry in America for 77 years, this song has an even more personal meaning. YFC collaborated with Kadence and Johnson for the creation of the single, hoping to inspire caring adults to partner with YFC and help facilitate pivotal moments that can create change in the lives of youth across America. But that’s not all—YFC also helped with the production of the music video, which features clips from various YFC locations across the country.

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The Moment

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