Youth For Christ kids at Camp

Summer Healing and Life

August 23, 2021


Summer Full of Light—And a Life Was Saved

This summer, was on the heels of the 2020 summer of darkness due to the pandemic. This summer was different. YFC in Fresno/Madera, California was full of light. After a year of struggles and daily concerns. Balancing COVID-19 and schoolwork. Students thrived in an environment full of games, circling up for community, snow cones, and sunburns. Fresno/Madera YFC has continued sharing the good news and the light of Jesus Christ with local students.

“Summer gives our local ministry leaders the opportunity to bring Christ’s healing and love to the sin, pain, and brokenness that lies right beneath the surface of our young people.” says Jameson White, Executive Director of the Youth For Christ Fresno/Madera.

Saved Life

This summer one staff member had to raise the alarm about a suicidal student who was in serious trouble. ‘Alice’ is a YFC Campus Life kid who has been processing the loss of a friend. This loss has her wondering about her own purpose. The pain and struggle for Alice and many other kids is real. The text conversation with her leader took a concerning turn. Alice texted about depression, death, and suicide. A couple key questions and answers later, it was clear she had a plan to end her own life. She was biding her time by “cutting” in the meantime.

“As our leaders hang with kids, love and listen, earn trust, and be real, the darkness that plagues them comes to light.” Jameson White

The staff member shared the good news of Jesus to her throughout the whole thread. Reminding her of her value in Christ. As well as, of God’s great sacrifice for her, and of the love and purpose she has in the community. But he knew she needed some intervention.

Pivotal Moments

YFC equips its ministry leaders with great training and policies. This YFC staff did the right and best thing by calling the authorities to intervene in Alice’s plan.

When staff must intervene, they understandably worry about possibly losing the relationship. In truth, intervention saves lives, and demonstrated tangible care.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

Alice’s darkness was being confronted in word and deed with the bright light of God’s love.

If it were his own daughter, he would have done no less. We believe in faith that Alice will come around to see those things and that the conversations will resume.

Whether it’s intervening in a suicidal plan or leading a kid to Christ at camp, darkness is overcome by light.

Support The Work

YFC Fresno/Madera is looking forward to their seventh Annual 5k Froyo Run on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 7:30am PT. The event will support the local YFC Campus Life ministry, reaching kids like Alice. All 5k participants will receive a new running shirt, a takeaway bag, a finishers medal, and of course, free frozen yogurt. To find more information and register for the event, click here.