San Antonio YFC Volunteers go Above and Beyond for Local Youth

September 20, 2022


San Antonio YFC

Youth For Christ (YFC), is a leader in the missional ministry community in America for 77 years. Our mission to reach local youth and create impactful relationships that connect young people with the truth of the Gospel is aided by help of volunteers from the community. Thousands of volunteers across the country come alongside young people during pivotal moments in their lives and point them towards Christ and His plan for their lives.


San Antonio YFC is thankful for their many volunteers. They help bridge the gap and provide a safe place for young people to feel seen and respected.


Sandy Vogelman is San Antonio YFC Ministry Stewardship’s Director. Vogelman said, “Frederick Buechner, author of ‘Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC’ is often quoted as saying, ‘The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.’ I believe that YFC is a place where fellow believers’ deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet — a place where they can answer their personal call to serve and share the transforming message of Jesus with kids from all walks of life. Volunteers, or Ministry Leaders as we call them, do not serve to help us fulfill mission. It is rather to fulfill the mission that God has called each of them to and we all benefit because of it. Kids don’t come to Jesus through an organization or programming. It is more through trusted relationships with leaders who share the Gospel first with their lives and then with their words. At YFC, ministry leaders make the mission possible.”

Growing with YFC Volunteers

One volunteer, an ex-firefighter named Raul Chapa, became a licensed counselor after leaving the San Antonio Fire Department. God began to encourage Chapa to use his abilities for the Kingdom. He now offers pro-bono counseling for YFC staff and volunteers once a week.


It is so easy to lose hope today,” Chapa said. “In my time in the Fire Department, I witnessed many horrible things and am still dealing with those traumas today. The trauma of being raised in an alcoholic home is also something I’ve been working through.  Part of my healing has been the opportunity to see the mission of YFC in action. I see healing take place through the work of the missionaries and volunteers. Being able to see God truly work in life-changing ways before my eyes has been a blessing

Making a Difference as a Volunteer

Another YFC volunteer, Maddie Werland, went through the San Antonio YFC Campus Life ministry as a youth and is now giving back. Maddie came from an affluent high school. Werland lacked for little in her daily life but didn’t have what really matters in life — a relationship with Christ. She gave her life to Christ and began serving with YFC straight out of high school. With a deep desire to reach urban youth through YFC’s City Life ministry, Werland is constantly searching for ways to impact her local YFC chapter. She does this by donating discontinued sneakers to YFC youth in need and more.


Werland said, “YFC is a place where I can be myself and feel at home, just as my students do. Being a volunteer has challenged me spiritually, mentally, and creatively. I have grown so much by being surrounded by a team that cares and encourages me daily. I genuinely enjoy being able to make a difference and share the love of Jesus that I was given as a student.”

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