Prom & Worship Night for Students

August 2, 2021


Prom & Worship Experience

An Incredible Night for Students to Let Loose and Have Fun

Plenty of high school students across the country missed out on the usual milestones that occur in their junior and senior years due to Covid-19. For students in Portland, Oregon, it was the same story. They never saw a return to any type of “normal” for either the 2019-2020 or the 2020-21 school year, which meant the students were not given a standard graduation, clubs never saw a return, and prom was canceled altogether.

But they had one difference—they did get to enjoy a gift given by the Youth For Christ East County Campus Life Site to help make up for their losses. Staff and local businesses worked together to put on a Prom & Worship Night, which gave these seniors who had missed out on so much a special night to remember.

“Our Campus Life team heard the hurt coming from our Seniors who missed out on the prom experience altogether and we wanted to do what we could to help,” said Annie Clark, Campus Life Director, Portland Youth For Christ.

That’s when the plan began to take shape. The team utilized a local church to host the event, and YFC staff from across Portland helped with decorations. A local baker with a heart for youth donated delicious cupcakes for the event, and they even had a photographer donate her time and skills to make sure the students had professional portraits with their friends.

Leading up to the event, a local clothing closet run by YFC staff helped students get prom dresses who couldn’t afford to purchase new ones, and the Campus Life Team took students shopping who wanted to purchase new dresses instead. On the day of Prom & Worship Night, Campus Life staff did hair and makeup for students who wanted it done.

“Prom & Worship Night was an incredible time for our students to let loose and have fun,” said Clark. “They danced, ate yummy treats, got goofy pictures, and then ended the night with our Campus Life Intern leading worship. We then honored our seniors, prayed for our students who enlisted in the army and were heading off the basic training, and then enjoyed some happy hour appetizers at Applebee’s.”

“Nobody knows what normal will look like for students this year, but YFC Portland will walk alongside their students every step of the way.”

Listen to Annie Clark from YFC Portland, join Erica, and Steve from Portland’s SPIRIT 105.3 for an uplifting conversation about replacing instead of canceling a very special night!