New York Toy Drive

NYC YFC Connects with Families of Incarcerated Youths

January 4, 2022


YFC Holiday Contributions

As the holiday season approaches, families around the world gather to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. However, for those who have children who are incarcerated, the holiday season can be filled with unfortunate feelings. Unfortunately, they are unable to celebrate along with the rest of the family. NYC YFC wanted to lend a hand to those who suffer from these situations in New York, New York.  YFC helped by contributing food and hosting toy drives to youths and their families during the holiday season.

YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry comes alongside youths involved in different juvenile justice settings and builds a relationship with those who are facing pivotal life challenges. Without a doubt, we strive to point young people towards a loving relationship with Christ.

YFC New York City

YFC New York City is 1 of 133 YFC chapters that are dedicated to spreading holiday cheer to youth and their families. Throughout the holiday season, this YFC chapter has reached out to youth who are incarcerated and others from tough places. YFC NYC held two Thanksgiving dinners for youth inside two local justice facilities.  These events were able to sit around the table as an extension of the family. In addition, YFC NYC was also able to connect with many families of youth within the system.

As the Community Engagement Coordinator from YFC NYC, Angel Maldonado, had a few comments to share. Maldonado said, “We sat outside the facilities to greet families as they went to go visit loved ones. We got to pray with them and hear their needs. It was a great opportunity to share with them what we were doing with their kids. From that interaction, some of the family members of these kids started going to church. I found that to be beautiful.”

Continuous Support

Through the holidays, Maldonado and the rest of the YFC NYC team continued to support NYC youth and their families. With a generous grant, the team created a toy store inside the facilities.  This facility was for the youth who are incarcerated to pick out gifts for their siblings on the outside. In addition, YFC NYC encouraged the youth to write notes to their families, which they delivered along with the toys.

“In total for November and December, we served almost 500 families,” Maldonado said. “We probably gave out about 300 turkeys and over $5,000 in toys to these families, as they struggle to deal with the holiday season.”

YFC NYC Executive Director Daniel Sanabria said, “Many of our young people struggle with identifying who they are. During this season, we’ve had a beautiful opportunity to show them who they are in Christ and what they mean to us.”