Impacting New York City Youth

Impacting New York City Youth

August 23, 2021


New York City YFC Entrepreneur Program

K-LOVE News · NYC Youth Leader Changing Lives Of At-Risk Young People Through Entrepreneur Program

In New York City, a recent article highlighted a new initiative introduced in regards to their juvenile detention program. The new “Advance Peace” model seeks to encourage young criminals to change their ways through financial incentives. While local politicians seem eager to implement this new plan, critics of the model fear that the plan is too generous, dangerous, and enables violent offenders.

A similar outreach to overlooked youth is already happening in New York City. The YFC NYC Chapter recently launched its Juvenile Justice Campaign. A 6-week Entrepreneur Program focused on tackling issues like financial literacy, LLC, taxes, bookkeeping, investing, and more.

The purpose of YFC NYC’s Entrepreneur Program is to bring leaders from NYC to come and speak to kids in detention centers and in the community. YFC NYC is working to help stop the cycle of incarceration. Rather than getting dragged back into the same destructive pattern, YFC is reaching out to youth in need and providing them with the tools necessary for life.

He Never Quit

This summer, YFC NYC was part of a transformational story. YFC leaders had been through the ups and downs, releases, and re-arrests of one particular young man. According to one YFC leader, “We laughed together, struggled together, cried together, and last week we celebrated together as he became just the second person in his program’s history to graduate from high school while inside. He never quit!” 

Stories like this are what inspire the YFC to continue making important connections with young people.  

“It is always so encouraging to hear about what God is doing with YFC all across the country. There are 11–19-year-olds who are facing crises like never before. I believe God has uniquely positioned YFC to help uncover God’s story of hope in the next generation, and we are honored to witness God stirring the hearts of youth across America.” Jacob Bland, President, and CEO of YFC USA