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Heartland YFC Partners with Local Churches to Answer Life’s Toughest Questions

April 17, 2023


The Tough Questions

Today’s teens are more involved in world politics than ever before. There is so much news readily available through both traditional and social media. Generation Z is incredibly aware of the cultural and religious ideological clashes. This may lead to a rising mental health crisis. Teens are wrestling with big questions. It could pertain to gender identity, race relations, abortion, and more. Many are looking for a safe space to discuss these issues and find sound support.

Youth For Christ (YFC, www.yfc.net), a leader in the missional ministry community, has been coming alongside teens during pivotal moments in their lives and providing love and encouragement for nearly eight decades. YFC leaders provide meaningful support for teens struggling with big issues while still pointing teens to the love of Christ.

Heartland YFC

Mark Moyer is the executive director of Heartland YFC. Moyer said, “The biggest issues that students in our area are facing are questions about sexuality and race. Teens see the conversation happening in today’s politics and news and don’t know how to have conversations about these topics. Our staff and volunteers have heard of over 29 reported gender identities from the students in our area. These kids are so lonely and confused and just desperately need the hope of Christ.

“That’s what sets YFC apart. We are able to come into the mess of the world and bring the Holy Spirit into their lives. We often have students ask us, ‘Why do you care the way you care?’ For us, it’s simple. These teens want to be named, noticed, and known. When we come alongside them and provide a supportive space, they feel heard, loved, and accepted.”

Heartland YFC has various ministries designed to best reach youth in need, including City Life and Campus Life. Youth For Christ also works closely with local churches in the area to better reach youth struggling with their faith. “Our partnerships with local churches are crucial,” said Moyer. “Several of our staff members are working directly with select churches and making meaningful relationships there. Our strategy is to help minister to the students in the churches, then take those relationships out into the community. This is so important because we are not in competition with the local church. Our goal is to partner with them and naturally funnel kids into the Body of Christ.”

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