YFC Walks Alongside Students

February 14, 2022


Greater Omaha YFC Connects

Youth For Christ, a pillar of mission ministry since 1944, is building Christ-centered communities by coming alongside youth during the pivotal moments of their lives. Specifically, Greater Omaha YFC, one of YFC’s over 130 chapters, is reaching youth in Omaha with the Gospel by supporting students during their times of struggle.

Omaha Northwest Campus Life Director Ed “Tank” King reaches young people through coaching football, which allows him to earn players’ trust and show them the love of Jesus on a daily basis.

Tank explained, “My favorite part of YFC is building relationships. You can’t speak into students’ lives unless you build those relationships. One way I build relationships with students is through coaching football.”

Tank Reinforces His Connections

During a recent practice, one of his players, Paul, expressed his sadness over the loss of his grandmother. Tank had built a relationship as his coach and earned a place in his life to speak truth and love into his situation. Tank recalled this opportunity: “I was there not just to coach football but to show him the love of Jesus. My heart was for him and everyone on the team to know that they are loved by Jesus.”

Tank was able to pray with Paul during practice and walk alongside him through his loss, sharing the love of Jesus. As the football coach, he earned the players’ trust by being a constant positive figure in their lives. This allows him to be there when his players are going through critical moments, such as Paul’s loss of his grandmother. Having a heart for youth and showing up in the day-to-day moments where they are needed most allows YFC to have a voice in students’ lives and ability to share the Gospel.

Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash