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Building Authentic Relationships

August 30, 2021


Summer 2021

For Indian River YFC, the fragmented school year failed to slow down its mission of connecting with local young people. Indian River YFC was active throughout the summer, holding movie nights, summer camps, and other youth events. These events, while great for having fun and meeting local youth, have a more eternal purpose. Each creating doorways for an authentic Christ-sharing relationship.

Meet Vivica

Meet Vivica, a young woman who experienced abuse and heartbreak at a very young age. Struggling with her sexual identity and trust in men due to her traumatic past, Vivica was understandably cautious when coming to YFC Campus Life this past summer.

One leader said, “She was visibly uncomfortable and guarded. But God is good, and she came back. And she keeps coming back, not only to Campus Life events but also to local Church youth group. We are praising God for what He is doing in her life.”

Vivica’s story is a good reminder for Indian River YFC about how vital their ministry is for young people.

Youth For Christ heads back to school

Schools are starting all around the country. Many students are nervous about the idea of returning to the “typical” education model. After a year of virtual or hybrid learning, students will have to readjust back to in-person classes. Interacting with peers directly instead of through a computer screen.

Prayer and Preparation

In preparation for the upcoming school year, leadership held their annual prayer walk on August 7th.  One at the local high school and the other at a nearby park. Youth and adults alike came together to pray for the students, teachers, administration, and government.

“The goal was to foster unity, both for the students as well as the parents and the local volunteers… It’s truly amazing to see God work in the lives of the students, and having that dedicated time to pray for this school year and what’s to come was incredibly powerful.” – Libby Sanderson, executive director of Indian River YFC.

Indian River YFC aims to always have an event or activity to invite kids to. Purposeful events that encourage authentic relationships. Looking ahead, Indian River YFC is planning YFC Campus Life middle school and high school “club” events. These “clubs” will have events such as movie nights, dodgeball events, and laser tag tournaments. A worship night is planned for local pastors, leaders, and YFC board members.

For information about these events and more, click here.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash