Mike Robertson Bike Across USA

Cross Country Bike Ride Journey!

August 19, 2021


1,258,620 pedal strokes

The bike ride started in Everett, Washington, on July 9, 2021. Mike Robertson set out to ride his bike across the entire USA. 1,258,620 pedal strokes or 3,814 miles in 34 days. All for the sake of increasing the ministry impact of YFC in new cities.

Meaningful Journey

Robertson’s stop in Indianapolis was meaningful during his journey. YFC has been reaching young people in Indianapolis for 76 years. It was one of the first cities to launch YFC relational ministry. Robertson is also the Board Chair of the Central Indianapolis YFC. Due to the decades of impact YFC has had on young people in Indianapolis, Mike wanted to pass this blessing on to new cities along the way.

“This will help a new YFC team start their own legacy of this life-changing ministry in their own town.” – Mike Robertson

Following the Journey

With lots of support along the way, friends and family joined at various points in the journey. Many others followed his progress online.

Central Indianapolis YFC Executive Director, Ali King, followed Robertson’s progress with great enthusiasm. As part of his adventure, he raised money to help launch YFC ministries in other cities through YFC USA. Giving kids access to the same care as kids do in Indy.

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Robertson shared progress on Facebook. In one post titled, “Mind Games” – Robertson wrote, “To do this ride, many times you must switch from Macro to Micro thinking. For example, instead of thinking, ‘I have to ride 147 miles today,’ I’ll switch to how many miles to the next rest stop—always less than 30 miles. To this end, it will take 1,258,620 pedal strokes to cross the country. Impossible things in life can be done when you break them down to small elements. My church is reading the New Testament this year in a similar manner—one section a week. A powerful tool.”

In September, YFC USA will be hosting a National Conference in Indianapolis. Continuing to focus on equipping its leaders who engage young people facing pivotal moments.