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Over 430,000 military-connected youth live all over the world.

Campus Life Military leaders seek to connect with military-connected youth through genuine, Christ-sharing relationships. These young people often feel overlooked, and it’s our passion to make them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Military-connected youth proudly serve their country and live all over the world. On average they move 7-9 times before graduating high school. On top of military deployments and finding new friends every time they move, they deal with normal teenage issues. While searching for identity and purpose, they are thrown into a world of struggles, including issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity, substance abuse, academic struggles, family brokenness, violence, and divorce. In the midst of these challenges, they also face separation from parents due to military deployments.

Campus Life Military leaders offer young people a steady voice and reliable presence. Leaders are intentionally postured as humble, authentic mentors. They strive to create fun, safe spaces where every teenager can experience Jesus Christ and grow in faith. Common activities at Campus Life Military include small groups, large gatherings, trips, camps, and service projects.


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