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Gracehaven – Supervising Case Manager (Dayton)


Dayton, OH

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May 25, 2024





Location / Chapter

Central Ohio Area

Ministry Site


Ministry Model

Other Ministry Model


Position Summary

Supervisor: Director of Clinical Services & Community Based Programming

GOAL: To provide trauma-informed case management services to survivors and youth at risk of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.


  • Responsible to Provide Trauma-Informed Care Coordination
  • Responsible for facilitating and promoting Family Engagement and Collaborative
  • Partnerships with Community Stakeholders
  • Provide individual and family based prevention and intervention education.
  • Administrative Compliance
  • Participate in Oncall/Hotline Coverage Rotation and Crisis Management
  • Participate in ongoing Supervision and Professional Development
  • Maintain Spiritual Integrity and Leadership
  • Performs related duties as assigned by program supervisor or director.


  • Directly oversee and supervise case managers.
  • Ensure all services provided meet the standards set by Gracehaven and all regulatory bodies.
  • Ensure staff is clearly oriented to their roles and expectations, and that they receive initial and continuing in-service training applicable to their position.
  • Evaluate staff performance and address any performance issues in collaboration with Director of Clinical Services.
  • Assess and implement appropriate levels of care that assist each client with recovery.
  • Participate in co-therapy and direct services with clients when clinically indicated.
  • Participate in treatment meetings and court hearings, as necessary.
  • Ensure coordination with family members and treatment providers.
  • Oversee billing information is collected according to program guidelines.
  • Ensure the provision of quality services, treatment, training and support for individuals in crisis, and with mental health diagnoses.
  • Work with community mental health/Medicaid standards and applicable rules and laws to ensure all practices, procedures, and timelines are being met by department.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Provide Trauma-Informed Care Coordination

  • Maintains a caseload of approximately 15 active community and residential clients.
  • Contacts prospective clients within 48 hours (or 2 business days) of receiving a referral, to schedule initial intake appointment, coordinate consents and releases of information.
  • Establishes a trauma-informed, authentic relationship with clients and their network of support (legal guardian, families, multidisciplinary service providers, etc.).
  • Engages youth in a strengths and needs assessment, completes HCGC Initial Checklist to determine eligibility, and administers or completes initial data collection tools.
  • Coordinates a collaborative team made up of a combination of natural supports (including connecting with a mentor), community based partner organizations, and the multiple systems clients interface with.
  • Coordinates the team, facilitates partnerships, and provides leadership.
  • Provides leadership in the development, implementation, and evaluation of clients Individualized Empowerment Plan (ISP).
  • Responsible for overseeing and monitoring client’s progress towards individual goals and objectives. Administers ongoing data collection tools to monitor progress and identify continued areas of need and/or obstacles.
  • Takes the initiative to facilitate problem solving strategies when/if obstacles and/or challenges arise with their assigned clients.
  • Works in conjunction with the client and team to identify needs and connect them to community- based resources and services (i.e. medical referrals, social service referral, housing or other appropriate Pathway) to remove barriers to care (i.e. transportation, housing, etc.) and meet basic needs. Open and complete all Pathways specific to the client and family system being served.
  • Facilitate mentoring relationships in partnership with COYFC Mentoring by referring Client for mentoring program.

Family Engagement and Collaborative Partnerships with Community Stakeholders:

  • Responsible for communicating and maintaining good working relationships with the client's family and custodians. Serves as the point of contact for service team members and families.
  • Responsible to communicate and maintain good working relationships with custodians and partner agencies/organizations working with clients.
  • Responsible for facilitating interagency collaborative meetings, attending and providing advocacy, support, and progress reports to court, attending and participating in children services semi-annual reviews,
  • Actively participates in a coverage rotation for monthly coalitions & sub-committee meetings, Collaborative & Special Interest Initiatives (Runaway, HUB, Service Provider, Trauma Collaborative, etc.), Specialized Dockets (Empowerment/CATCH court, Restore Court, Safe Harbor, etc.), as assigned.
  • Coordinates and submits monthly progress reports to Children Service Agencies, The Department of Youth Services, and other services team members relevant to the client’s team.

Provide Prevention and Intervention Education

  • Provides direct care prevention education to youth and families on topics relevant to their needs utilizing best practice curriculum (i.e. DMST education curriculum, stages of change, pregnancy prevention, relapse prevention, etc.)
  • Trained facilitators provide My Life My Choice Prevention Groups to at risk and sexually exploited youth two times per fiscal year.
  • Provides Pathways prevention education to clients on topics relevant to their healthcare/ behavioral health needs utilizing best practice curriculum.
  • When expanding case management services into a new region, assist with networking, public speaking, educating the community about Gracehaven’s services and referral process, and participate in public awareness events.

Administrative Compliance

  • Responsible for maintaining accurate and up to date case management records, case notes, and program documentation in accordance with the standards specific to CARF, OhioMHAS, OAC codes, ODJFS, HCGC/Medicaid, Grant requirements, Contracts DCFS, ODYS, and other regulatory bodies.
  • Completes all required documentation utilizing all required systems and submission processes, within 48 hours (2 business days) or within the specified deadline.
  • Document and report mileage & expenses monthly for accountability and financial stewardship.
  • Report monthly data in accordance with grant requirements and Gracehaven quality assurance/insurance data collection requirements.
  • Create a Thriver Plan with the youth and support team in preparation for discharge.
  • Complete final data collection and discharge summary prior to service completion. Submit date accordingly.
  • Comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations relating to the security, protection and privacy of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), including without limitation the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and regulations as amended and updated.

Participate in On call/Hotline Coverage Rotation and Crisis Management

  • Responsible for submitting Critical Incident Reports in accordance with ODJFS regulations and the specification of DCFS contracts when on-call and the CIR occurs over the weekend, or the House Manager is unavailable and CCM is requested to do so.
  • Provides crisis management, verbal de-escalation, and safety planning to mitigate risk.
  • Participate in a 24/7 on call and Human Trafficking Hotline coverage rotation for 1 week every 6- 8 weeks.
  • Create an on-call folder for new residents, including a safety plan, review the on-call folder quarterly to ensure information is accurate and is kept up to date.

Supervision and Professional Development

  • Responsible for actively participating in bi-weekly individual/group supervision and team building initiatives, and weekly/bi-weekly case consultation/staffing,
  • Responsible for creating and implementing an individual professional development plan in conjunction with your direct supervisor.
  • Responsible for attending 20 hours of training within the first 30 days, and 32 additional hours within the first year of employment (52 hours of training within the first 12 months) and participating in 24 hours of additional ongoing training and professional development opportunities each year following.
  • Participate in at least 10 of the 12 monthly Gracehaven All Staff Meetings & 3 out of 4 COYFC All-Staff meetings.
  • Assist in annual Gracehaven & COYFC fundraising and awareness events (Over the Edge, See the Story, Be The Story, etc.) Invite 4 new people to See the Story/Be the Story each year.

Position Requirements

Spiritual Integrity and Leadership:

Because COYFC, its affiliates and subsidiaries are a part of the same faith-based organization and share a faith mission and set of values, we require all employees to consistently apply and live according to the religious mission and theological beliefs. Each staff member, regardless of role, is asked to:

  • Articulate and uphold COYFC religious beliefs and practices at work and outside of work. Each employee serves to represent the religious message and mission of COYFC (as outlined in the Statement of Faith and Mission) to the broader community.
  • Be ready and willing to lead and contribute to distinctly Christian activities.
  • Be prepared to hold spiritual conversations with youth as they show interest or initiate those discussions.
  • Seek God’s guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives
  • Regularly pray for and share spiritual content with existing and prospective donors to COYFC
  • Regularly encourage and teach existing and prospective volunteer leaders through the Bible.

EOE Statement

YFC is classified as an Association of Churches and as such our hiring practices reflect that designation. As a religious nonprofit organization, Youth For Christ incorporates within each leader role, the requirement to model, teach, share and live the faith. The relationship between YFC’s mission and each of its leaders is its lifeblood and as such does at all times and in all instances reserve the right to make employment decisions based upon a person’s religious beliefs, personal character and lifestyle consistent with our understanding of the Bible or with our overall goals and requirements for Christian ministry.

We seek to create a workplace that is intentional about Kingdom Inspired Diversity. Our commitment to our employees extends to their opportunities for growth, development, promotion, training and compensation.

We will make reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with known disabilities, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship to the organization.