Reaching Young People Every Where Since 1944


Looking Back

Since 1944, we’ve been meeting 11-19 year olds in pivotal moments, introducing them to the hope of Christ.

From holding rallies with Billy Graham in the 40’s, to entering campuses to reach students in the 60’s, to now empowering community leaders to build meaningful relationships with young people everywhere—it’s our aim to walk with young people through their story, and to be the friend and mentor that we’ve longed for ourselves. When we welcome God into a pivotal moment, we invite Him to uncover His story of Hope in our lives, and to give life to our story. He is the life in all of our stories.

Defining Moments

Anchored to the Rock, Geared to the Times.

Our story is one of inspired creativity, a commitment to truth, and a relentless pursuit to meet young people where they are. Over the past 77 years, we have worked to be present and active in the lives of young people as we share Jesus’ message of hope.

  • During World War II, young ministers and evangelists began holding large rallies in Canada, England and the United States. From these rallies, Youth for Christ was born as a national movement working to reach young people with the message of Jesus. Among the young ministers pioneering the movement was Billy Graham, YFC's first full-time staff member.

  • YFC grew in momentum in the form of revivals popping up around the nation. Tens of thousands committed their lives to Christ as the emphasis on evangelism continued. Billy Graham launched the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, while YFC’s World Congress on Evangelism reached its fourth consecutive year.

  • Efforts shifted toward campus evangelism, and the first Campus Life staff began developing strategies and materials for engaging students. YFC also grew globally as the Youth for Christ International was entrusted to a truly international body for the first time in YFC history.

  • YFC made several significant strides in the 1970’s, launching the Y-1 Intern Program and Campus Life/J.V. as national ministries to reach more students. The Way Bible was also published as a resource for young people learning to understand scripture.

  • In 1985 YFC USA launched the first student leadership conferences called Youth Congress. In 1988 the name was changed to DCLA and continued every three years through 2006. During these decades, thousands of teenagers and youth leaders were trained in living 3Story® and reaching their friends who didn’t yet know Jesus. YFC also gave the rights to Campus Life Magazine to Christianity Today, and published the Life Application Bible, a Bible Commentary for teenagers. To date, it has sold over 40 million copies in 44 languages around the world.

  • YFC International launched programs in 22 Middle Eastern and North African countries. YFC also developed core values to focus on poor and displaced young people, as well as youth of different cultures.

  • YFC developed a Ten-Year Global Ministry Plan to train and launch young leaders for the future of the ministry. Dan Wolgemuth was elected president, as YFC celebrated its 60th anniversary.

  • YFC surpassed its goal to connect thousands of leaders with 100,000 young people through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. Momentum continued as dedicated staff, volunteers, and partners, fueled the ministry of YFC around the world.

  • Youth For Christ USA is re-centering as a national movement with a unified goal to reach 1,000,000 young people annually. As we enter campuses, military bases, juvenile detention centers, communities, and homes, our calling is to build relationships with young people, to introduce them to Christ, and to uncover God’s story of Hope in their lives.