Our Commitment to Equity

Our commitment to equity is shaped by God's truth about community, empathy, and kingdom-inspired diversity.

Relational ministry rooted in Christ’s truth

A Commitment to Equity, Rooted in Following Jesus


Christ Centered. Biblically calibrated. Missionally focused.

Our commitment is to engage young people from every demographic. We believe it’s an outpouring of any community truly grounded in Christ, to express diversity, justice and faithful care to everyone, especially those on the margins. At Youth For Christ, we go to young people everywhere, in every community which requires cultural responsiveness and a heart to empower diverse communities.   

A Commitment to Equity, Rooted in Following Jesus

As we navigate the changes in culture, we humbly commit to live and work in a way that facilitates an ongoing commitment to equity rooted in our commitment to Christ. Foremost, seeking to remain Christ-centered, we maintain this commitment with the pursuit of the following cultural attributes, which are central characteristics of our work. We strive to always seek truth as the root of each attribute, as an ongoing effort to deepen our relationship with Christ and apply His wisdom to our mission and movement. We trust that the pursuit of these attributes will bring about accountability, reconciliation and eventually the unity scripture calls us to enjoy. 

Enduring Humility

When we are Christ-like our lives are marked with enduring humility. This is the basis for our posture as we approach our mission. Consistently we flow from a place of prayer to listen to the Spirit of God about where He would change us deeply to be more like Him. (Philippians 2:1-8 and Matthew 5:3-5). In obedience to Jesus we also seek to be relationally humble with one another, seeking to serve others as Christ modeled.

Relentless Trust

From humility grows a relentless trust in God, others and self. This trust comes from a place of grace and connected vulnerability to assume the best of God’s purpose for us and to assume the best of one another, even when my instinct is to be skeptical (1 Corinthians 13: 4-7). This trust is also ultimately in the Spirit of God that lives in each of us, not in the flawed realities of our humanity so it is always to be cherished and never abused. We also trust in the future we work to collectively create, in community and in collaboration with the Lord (Ephesians 2:10).

Joyful Camaraderie

From that trust, a relationship is created and joyful camaraderie with one another is possible. This camaraderie is marked by love, celebration and a genuine, self-sacrificing love of one another. The community we build together is one that models the restored, reconciled and refreshed communities we see promised in the kingdom of God, where we share unity in the Spirit.  These connected relationships inspire us to faithful mission together as the family of God (Act 2:42-46).

Courageous Faithfulness

From that camaraderie comes a sustained and courageous faithfulness. This faithfulness comes from an unshakeable foundation that allows us to proclaim with boldness and balance the scandalous message of the gospel (Acts 4:8–13).  We are courageously faithful when we have a kingdom vision compelling us to what can be, and we take hold of that revelation until it becomes a reality now. This comes from a posture of gratitude for how faithful Christ has been to us. 

Kingdom Inspired Diversity

From that faithfulness we have fertile soil for the kingdom and all its diversity to be realized on earth as it is in heaven (1 Corinthians 12:12–13 and Revelation 7:9-11). 
Kingdom inspired diversity comes from an intentional place where each child of God is authentically expressing a cherished facet of God’s very image. Leaders and young people everywhere are recognized and empowered to serve, with their unique gifts in our collective mission. This is a result of our fleshed out, Christ-like character and an expression of true Christian community. We also acknowledge that we have continual work to do to fully express kingdom inspired diversity, and this is deeply rooted within our commitment to Christ. Our commitment is to welcome all people. We believe it’s an outpouring of any community truly grounded in Christ, to express diversity, justice and faithful care to those on the margins. 

YFC Cultural Attributes: our commitment to equity


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