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3Story® Way of Life

Uncovering God's story of hope in young people's lives

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A way of life that guides followers of Jesus to be good news as they share The Good News.

3Story® is the phrase we use to describe how we live in relationship with God and others. We use three circles to represent these stories—God’s Story, my own story and the stories of young people. When the circles overlap, it means friendship is growing, trust is building, transformation is happening.

3Story® helps people who love Jesus stay tightly connected to Him so they might become good news as they talk about the Good News of God’s love. It’s a lifestyle we pursue. We want to be people who love like Jesus loves us, who serve as Jesus serves and who are consistently drawing near to God for the sake of young people.

We pursue 11-19 year olds who are walking through pivotal, story shaping moments; like navigating a new school, becoming a teen parent, spending time in a juvenile institution or simply enduring the culture of social media. Young people often feel marginalized. As we live 3Story® lives, we represent Jesus who is steady and trustworthy so that young people feel seen, heard and valued.


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