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Volunteer Coordinator


Kalamazoo, MI

Job Type


Posted On

January 25, 2024




Fundraising & Development

Location / Chapter

Kalamazoo Area


$17-$18 per hour




Position Summary

Position Summary

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing our volunteer experience from beginning to end. This position recruits volunteers, guides individuals through the YFC volunteer onboarding process, supports current volunteers, and leads campaigns to grow our volunteer base. This position works closely with the YFC Ministry Director and the Executive Director.

Essential Functions:

Volunteer Coordination:

  • Leads campaigns to recruit volunteers.
  • Brainstorms and implements new ways to increase volunteer base.
  • Recruits volunteers at events through networking, hosting tables at churches, and following up with referred/interested individuals.
  • Attends monthly See the Story and other YFC events to talk with attendees about volunteer needs and makes follow up calls to invite attendees to volunteer.
  • Manages, organizes, and guides all applicants through each step of the volunteer onboarding process.
  • Provides direction and follow up to keep volunteers moving through applications.
  • Interviews volunteers as needed.
  • Coordinates and connects volunteers with the YFC Ministry Director and ministry site directors to assign volunteers to sites and roles.
  • Understands and tracks each ministry site’s specific volunteer needs in order to be best equipped to direct volunteers to areas of need.
  • Assists in organizing volunteer training and conference(s).
  • Trains and supports ministry site leaders to empower volunteers.
  • Guides volunteers through annual requirements each year, working closely with ministry site directors to bring everyone up to date.
  • Communicates with volunteers in order to encourage them in their ministry.
  • Maintains ongoing relationships with all volunteers.
  • Organizes personal data for each volunteer in order to best know how to support them.
  • Plans volunteer “thank you” events with Community Engagement Coordinator, sends birthday and Christmas cards, and brainstorms ways to express gratitude to volunteers.
  • Oversees “volunteer of the month” initiative.

Spiritual Responsibilities:

  • Seek God’s guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives.
  • Participate and lead regular times of prayer, devotion and worship as a regular aspect of your role within YFC.
  • Model empathy, humility and care for all people. This includes promoting equity and inclusion in word and in the practice of faith expression.

Position Requirements

Knowledge & Skillset:

  • Have a passion and drive for getting people involved in ministry.
  • Enjoy meeting individuals and interacting with the public.
  • Be confident in initiating communication and relationships.
  • Possess the maturity and ability to interact with all types of people.
  • Have the ability to sense people’s needs, personalities, and giftings.
  • Be patient and persistent with people and processes.
  • Can communicate and uphold expectations.
  • Be detail-oriented and organized.
  • Possess the ability to be a “self-starter” and get things done.
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to follow a prescribed model and system while working creatively within parameters.
  • Be able to brainstorm and think creatively.
  • Can work independently and accomplish required tasks as well as work alongside of others in a support role.
  • Must be proficient is MS Office and database experience, Salesforce experience preferred.

Credentials Required & Preferred Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Must feel a calling to work with youth
  • Must have a good record in working with children and youth; cannot be on the CPS Registry or the Sex Offender Registry

YFC is a faith-based organization and all employees must agree with and sign a statement of faith as a prerequisite of employment. YFC is committed to diversity and all BIPOC individuals are encouraged to apply.

EOE Statement

YFC is classified as an Association of Churches and as such our hiring practices reflect that designation. As a religious nonprofit organization, Youth For Christ incorporates within each leader role, the requirement to model, teach, share and live the faith. The relationship between YFC’s mission and each of its leaders is its lifeblood and as such does at all times and in all instances reserve the right to make employment decisions based upon a person’s religious beliefs, personal character and lifestyle consistent with our understanding of the Bible or with our overall goals and requirements for Christian ministry.

We seek to create a workplace that is intentional about Kingdom Inspired Diversity. Our commitment to our employees extends to their opportunities for growth, development, promotion, training and compensation.

We will make reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with known disabilities, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship to the organization.