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National Ministry Specialist, City Life



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Posted On

July 25, 2022





Location / Chapter

YFC USA National Service Center




Position Summary

Position Summary

Mobilizer, Team Builder, Strategist, and Equipper are words that summarize this role. The National Ministry Specialist serves a crucial role in the advancement of the mission of YFC. This person is responsible for overseeing the execution and growth of City Life across the movement of YFC.

This leader works in close relationship with their Senior National Ministry Specialist, other ministry specialists and leaders from across the movement to ensure that City Life is appropriately supported and executed by leaders in the field. 

This role also requires spiritual and organizational leadership skills, the ability to work with and through other people, as well as strong communication, management and listening skills.

Essential Functions

Casting vision, designing strategy and mobilizing resources (10%)

  • This role will cast vision, design strategy, mobilize people and manage resources from across the movement of YFC, so that City Life is properly executed across the movement
  • Communication & coordination of ministry model clarity and implementation across the movement
  • Integrating all future 3-Story work into the City Life Model 

Leadership and Management of City Life (50%)  

  • You will have significant engagement with YFC staff and volunteers from across the mission to ensure that the ministry models, 3 Story and learning cohorts are appropriately serving the field in a holistic and interdependent manner. 
  • Lead and mobilize ministry affinity/cohort groups
  • Support ministry processes – creating, improving and delivering ministry resources through a field-based leadership team
  • Identify and empower ministry model specific secondary stewards
  • Work with Leader Formation to support ministry model specific new staff training cohorts
  • Work with National Chapter Advancement Specialists to equip chapter leadership in effective ministry. 
  • Support and resolve ministry issues raised by the field
  • Be available for various speaking or training needs 
  • Lead and support chapter assessments

Departmental Support (20%)

  • Departmental teamwork is needed to ensure the mission and the ministry models they represent are progressing in a culture of continual improvement in line with YFC’s core values.
  • Coordination and collaboration with others in the department, and the NSC to accomplish divisional and movement priorities is essential. 

Divisional and Movement Leadership (20%)

  • This leader will have significant engagement with YFC leaders from across the mission to appropriately serve the field through the City Life model
  • Support Chapter growth efforts as they establish new City Life ministry
  • Field equipping through chapter visits
  • As part of the Mission Advancement Division, all YFC staff will engage appropriately in organizational problem solving, as well as the issues that arise at their department level. This includes being active and involved in Project Plans as approved by their Senior National Ministry Specialist. This person ensures that a holistic solution-oriented approach to problems is managed in line with all YFC USA policies and practices by utilizing all NSC and movement resources as needed.

Position Requirements

Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • Experienced leader with change management skills
  • High administration and time management skills
  • Demonstrated ability to build and develop high-performing teams
  • Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills
  • Can effectively build rapport with new connections in the field as well as continue to work with and grow existing connections 
  • Strong collaboration across departments, ministry models, and chapters
  • High confidence and proficiency to be the point person for the ministry model 
  • Ability to humbly serve and honor others even in difficult situations with prayer, consistency, transparency, and resilience. (Enduring Humility). 
  • Demonstrates proper reliance on God, others, and self through generous giving of time and skills, by collaboratively incorporating others’ ideas, welcoming candid input, recognizing others’ need for grace and extending forgiveness and empathy. (Relentless Trust). 
  • Prioritizes others’ needs for a missional outcome, characterized by joy, with active listening and problem-solving skills, while encouraging and empowering fellow believers. (Joyful Camaraderie).
  • Trusts God with new approaches and changes, and communicates needs and limits with emotional intelligence, while seeking confidence and wisdom in Christ. (Courageous Faithfulness)
  • Seeks authentic Christ-Centered relationships with people of various backgrounds, fosters an inviting environment, and empowers historically marginalized groups and indigenous populations (within the local context), through active listening, inclusion, advocacy for those who are vulnerable, and respect of others' experiences. (Kingdom Inspired Diversity).  

Credentials Required & Preferred Education:

  • College Degree Desired  
  • 5+ years of excellent ministry experience 

Travel Requirements:

  • 30-40 Nights Away

Spiritual Responsibilities

Because the overriding religious purpose and mission of Youth for Christ USA is to communicate and introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young people and their families, and in that regard to make, educate and encourage life-long disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is very important that you as an employee in the movement of Youth for Christ be recognized as an associate minister of the Gospel.

As an employee of Youth for Christ and an associate minister of the Gospel, YFC expects all employees to:

  • Seek God’s guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives.
  • Participate and lead regular times of prayer, devotion and worship as a regular aspect of your role within YFC.
  • Teach and preach from the Holy Bible at YFC staff meetings, conferences, camps and events.
  • Model empathy, humility and care for all people. This includes promoting equity and inclusion in word and in the practice of faith expression. 

Additionally, YFC employees will have an opportunity to be commissioned or licensed as a minister of the Gospel through the established Youth for Christ process, and/or ordained by an outside body recognized by Youth for Christ USA. 

Fundraising Responsibilities

All YFC employees are expected to regularly and actively participate in faithful activities that advance the stewardship functions of YFC/USA. These activities will include—but are not limited to— extending invitations to fund raising events, recruiting personal circle of influence/YFC donor contacts, sending letters, handwritten notes, personal calls, and personally ministering to donor contacts.  


For Affiliate and Chapter Staff: YFC may attach a minimum fundraising goal to certain projects, activities, departments, or individuals. 


Our comprehensive benefits package includes:

  • Paid Time Off Program
  • Up to 80 hrs paid vacation
  • Up to 80 hrs sick time
  • 12 paid holidays
  • Paid week off between Christmas and New Years

Health & Welfare Benefits

  • Long Term Disability
  • 403(b) Retirement Savings Program & Matching Contribution starting at 3%

EOE Statement

YFC is classified as an Association of Churches and as such our hiring practices reflect that designation. As a religious nonprofit organization, Youth For Christ incorporates within each leader role, the requirement to model, teach, share and live the faith. The relationship between YFC’s mission and each of its leaders is its lifeblood and as such does at all times and in all instances reserve the right to make employment decisions based upon a person’s religious beliefs, personal character and lifestyle consistent with our understanding of the Bible or with our overall goals and requirements for Christian ministry.

We seek to create a workplace that is intentional about Kingdom Inspired Diversity. Our commitment to our employees extends to their opportunities for growth, development, promotion, training and compensation.

We will make reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with known disabilities, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship to the organization.