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Director of City Life Ministries


Denver, CO

Job Type


Posted On

March 31, 2022





Location / Chapter

Denver Area

Ministry Model

City Life






Position Summary

Primary Goal: The Director of City Life Ministries is responsible for strategically starting and building new community ministries in the Denver Area with the goal of engaging un-churched, unreached students in under resourced neighborhoods with holistic ministry and Christian Community Development.

Key Result Areas

Goal: Ministry Leaders - Oversee a team of staff and volunteers who provide holistic ministry (physical, mental, spiritual, economic, educational, etc.) to young people in targeted neighborhoods.

Performance Standards:

1.   Recruit, screen and train qualified (volunteer) ministry leaders (adult and student) to foster authentic Christ-sharing relationships with unchurched, non-Christian students, ages 11 to 19, so that there is at least 1 ministry leader for every 5 involved students.

2.   Ensure the highest level of compliance and accountability with YFC/USA volunteer standards and procedures.

3.   Target areas where there exists the most oppressed and under resourced young people.


Goal: Holistic Ministry

Performance Standards:


Ministry sustainability in neighborhoods

1.   Oversee ministry in one of those neighborhoods until a staff has been identified and trained to take it over.

2.   Aid in the training and development of our emerging leaders (leaders who come from our City Life neighborhoods).

3.   Potentially work with a caseload of young people (in our targeted neighborhoods) to provide mentorship and therapy.

City Wide

1.   Assists in leading an extensive programing model in the neighborhood, of clubs, events, camp, small groups, mentoring and leadership development.

2.   Assists in training church teams and community partners in cultural awareness and educating these partners in under resourced neighborhoods for developing ministry.

3.   Assist ministry leaders and staff in Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships with students through 3Story.

4.   Work in conjunction with schools, juvenile justice departments, parent life sites and other agencies, to provide mentorship, clubs, and resources to young people.

5.   Build a team of emerging leaders to sustain and lead small groups and peer mentoring .

6.   Align with the RMA’s for City Life.


Goal: Missional Fundraising

1.   Create a circle of influence or COI that understand, believes, and has the cultural competency to engage in the ministry through sharing story, inviting to events, and financially participating in the ministry model.

2.   Develop a budget and hold their staff accountable as good stewards of funds

3.   Participate in ALL staff funding events

4.   Engage Leaders in Training and Emerging leaders in story sharing for the benefit of the mission.

5.   Utilize their Community Support Team to engage a wide variety of supporters.

6.   Apply for available grants to further our mission with neighborhood ministry.


Goal: Team

  1. Lead in spiritual growth, attitude, accountability and team relationships in order to foster the greatest possible team unity, both within City Life and throughout DAYFC.
  2. Ensure excellence in administrative details i.e. agreements, contracts, accounting, donor care, Impact reporting, ministry leaders, financial partners etc.
  3. Foster healing and forgiveness through Biblical handling of conflict.
  4. Maintain the highest level of trust and integrity in all aspects of leadership, staff relationships, ministry and community involvement.


Additional Responsibilities:

1.   Supervision - Reports to the Chief Ministry Officer. Brings expertise, and creativity to the overall ministry strategy of Denver Area Youth For Christ.

2.   Direct Ministry – May lead or support 1 ministry site as you assist your City Life team to lead teams of ministry leaders to lead their ministry sites.

3.   Marketing & PR - Intentionally and specifically seeks out and maximizes opportunities to make the public aware of the ministry of DAYFC through social media, public speaking opportunities, community organizations and general media.

4.   DAYFC General - Leads and/or participates in DAYFC events, ministries and activities as assigned.

5.   Leadership Team – Attend and participate in our twice a month leadership team with other Directors of ministry model, Executive Director, COO, CMO, and Director of Volunteer and Community Engagement.

Spiritual Responsibilities

Because the overriding religious purpose and mission of Youth for Christ USA is to communicate and introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young people and their families, and in that regard to make, educate and encourage life-long disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is very important that you as an employee in the movement of Youth for Christ be recognized as an associate minister of the Gospel. As an employee of Youth for Christ and an associate minister of the Gospel, YFC expects all employees to:

  • Seek God’s guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives.
  • Participate and lead regular times of prayer, devotion and worship as a regular aspect of your role within YFC.
  • Teach and preach from the Holy Bible at YFC staff meetings, conferences, camps and events.
  • Model empathy, humility and care for all people. This includes promoting equity and inclusion in word and in the practice of faith expression. YFC employees will have an opportunity to be commissioned or licensed as a minister of the Gospel through the established Youth for Christ process, and/or ordained by an outside body recognized by Youth for Christ USA.

Position Requirements

Qualifications: The Director will have a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ as well as a proven track record of at least five years of successful community development related jobs. The Director must be able to supervise multiple staff and ministry leaders, work well with parents and community/church leaders and have expert knowledge of all facets of City Life ministry. The Director must also be willing to engage in missional fundraising both through personal support as well as community support.


  • Health, dental, vision
  • 403b retirement

EOE Statement

YFC is classified as an Association of Churches and as such our hiring practices reflect that designation. As a religious nonprofit organization, Youth For Christ incorporates within each leader role, the requirement to model, teach, share and live the faith. The relationship between YFC’s mission and each of its leaders is its lifeblood and as such does at all times and in all instances reserve the right to make employment decisions based upon a person’s religious beliefs, personal character and lifestyle consistent with our understanding of the Bible or with our overall goals and requirements for Christian ministry.

We seek to create a workplace that is intentional about Kingdom Inspired Diversity. Our commitment to our employees extends to their opportunities for growth, development, promotion, training and compensation.

We will make reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with known disabilities, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship to the organization.