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Community Engagement & RMA/Milestone Coordinator


Greeley, CO

Job Type


Posted On

September 26, 2022




Fundraising & Development

Location / Chapter

Northern Colorado Area




40 Hours per week


Position Summary

Community Engagement & RMA/Milestone Coordinator

Position Summary

The Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) is a relationship cultivator extraordinaire. S/he is a champion for the Northern Colorado Youth for Christ (NCYFC) to acquire new giving partners while building awareness of YFC’s work through effectively using the processes and practices provided through YFC’s national development model. Both relationally gifted and motivated by metrics, the CEC is energized by proactive conversations that culminate in seeing a potential giving partner introduced to YFC’s work, invited to provide, and enhanced missional commitment towards stated benchmarks and goals. Additionally, s/he is motivated by seeing partners become more generous in their ongoing giving and by seeing lapsed partners re-engage with our mission. S/he is involved in the entire process of bringing in new prospects and cultivating relationships that connect them to opportunities for involvement and financial giving and, ultimately, life-long partners of Youth For Christ. S/he will also be responsible for engaging the entire NCYFC team in each endeavor–making sure each staff person is reaching out to their Circle of Influence and supporting the efforts initiated by this position. 

This position will connect staff who have direct relationships with students completing RMA work. S/he is a champion of RMAs, Milestones, Heart Matrix, & Harvest Matrix. This person will work closely with staff to ensure they are tracking their engagement with youth regarding these four areas. S/he will need to attend Friday nights at the youth center in a supervisory capacity.

Essential Functions

  • Relationship Development (Find > Win > Keep > Lift)
  • Builds relationships through faithful, personalized touchpoints with current and potential giving partners interested in funding YFC’s mission/national service center operations, going beyond mass communications.
  • Graciously and respectfully invites prospects toward financial partnership and encourages NCYFC staff to do the same.
  • Effectively follows up with attendees of all events, and respondents of all communication, entering information into the database, cultivating relationships with new partners, and guiding them to involvement with NCYFC operating funding and Launch Chapter funding.
  • Proactively reaches out to potential giving partners to inspire participation in YFC’s mission.
  • Promotes relational care of all partners to the NCYFC by reporting missional progress and expressing gratitude through thank you notes, personal calls, and gifts as appropriate.
  • Event Support (Physical and Virtual) Annual Partner Lunch, Golf Tournament, Racing Community Flagship Event, Key Partners Event
  • Organizes and executes 1 See The Story event monthly, 1 Be The Story event annually, and 1 Appreciation Event annually (virtual or physical):
  • Organizes and hosts regular “no-ask” donor acquisition tours according to targeted goals
  • Organizes and hosts “financial ask” events and strategies according to targeted goals
  • Organizes and hosts appreciation events and strategy according to targeted goals
  • Adheres to the STS/BTS Playbook for standards and best practices
  • In partnership with the External Marketing Team, executes acquisition-oriented events on social media channels.
  • Manages invites and RSVP’s to all events.
  • Follows YFC Marketing Plan for promoting each event.
  • Effectively follows up with attendees of all events, entering information into Salesforce, cultivating relationships with new partners, and leading them to involvement.
  • Participates in tracking and reporting data from events, mailing campaigns, etc.
  •  Assembles, empowers, and works with a team of volunteers to execute events.

Donor Communication

  • Utilizes tools and platforms provided by YFC’s External Marketing department to prepare and send ministry updates to giving partner base in the form of monthly letters, emails, etc.
  • Collects ministry update content from staff, volunteers, and kids (i.e., quotes, stories, images, footage) on an ongoing basis to customize monthly or quarterly communications.
  • Social Media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once per week
  • Implements lapsed donor communication strategies and personal follow-up, as advised and equipped by the Development model.
  • Implements special communication projects, as assigned

Staff Coordinator:

  • Work with each team member to ensure they adhere to all goals for RMAs, Milestones, Heart Matrix, Harvest Matrix, and fundraising responsibilities.
  • Coordinates with the Executive Director to develop the annual plan for fundraising goals.
  • Coordinates with the Executive Director to determine the organization's RMA Goals & Milestone Expectations.
  • Communicates with staff to encourage them in their ministry
  • Reenforces organization training concepts & practical application during meetings with staff.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:
  • Works with interested adults to see them through the YFC Onboarding Process and serves to encourage them in their volunteer role with kids.
  • Coordinates with the Ministry Director to assign volunteers their ministry roles, volunteer training, and conference(s) attendance
  • Coordinates annual volunteer review and assessment survey
  • Communicates with volunteers to encourage them in their ministry
  • Trains ministry site leaders in the area of empowering volunteers
  • Supports ministry site staff in empowering volunteers.

Spiritual Responsibilities

  • Seek God’s guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives.
  • Participate and lead regular times of prayer, devotion, and worship as a common aspect of your role within YFC.
  • Teach and preach from the Holy Bible at YFC staff meetings, conferences, camps, and events.
  • Model empathy, humility, and care for all people. This includes promoting equity and inclusion in word and in the practice of faith expression.
  • YFC employees will have an opportunity to be commissioned or licensed as a minister of the Gospel through the established Youth for Christ process, and/or ordained by an outside body recognized by Youth for Christ USA.

Fundraising Responsibilities

All YFC employees are expected to regularly and actively participate in faithful activities that advance the stewardship functions of YFC/USA.

[YFC may attach a minimum fundraising goal to certain projects, activities, departments, or individuals. As an employee, you are given the opportunity to engage people in giving to the Ministry. These funds are used towards the expenses of your budget. It is the responsibility of every chapter launch employee to maintain a positive account balance with YFC/USA and to be responsible for maintaining and growing revenue streams in the form of regular giving partners. Therefore, following YFC/USA’s policies and procedures for donor development and fundraising is expected.]

Position Requirements

Knowledge & Skills

  • MUST enjoy building relationships—and talking on the telephone!
  • Be comfortable in a public facing role 
  • Be skilled in giving partner recruitment and relationship cultivation 
  • Have the ability to inspire, assemble, and mobilize staff to participate enthusiastically, meeting their “circle of influence” goals
  • Possess the maturity and ability to interact with all types of people  
  • Enjoy developing relationships with people over time
  • Be detail-oriented and committed to tracking every conversation in your database
  • Value and appreciate the power of stories
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to follow a prescribed model while working creatively within its parameters
  • Excited about learning new things
  • Ability to organize and plan events
  • Ability to assemble and empower teams
  • Enjoy networking in your city
  • Work independently and accomplish required tasks
  • Must be willing to demonstrate and/or possesses the following:
  • Ability to humbly serve and honor others even in difficult situations with prayer, consistency, transparency, and resilience. (Enduring Humility).
  • Demonstrates proper reliance on God, others, and self through generous giving of time and skills, by collaboratively incorporating others’ ideas, welcoming candid input, recognizing others’ need for grace and extending forgiveness and empathy. (Relentless Trust).
  • Prioritizes others’ needs for a missional outcome, characterized by joy, with active listening and problem-solving skills, while encouraging and empowering fellow believers. (Joyful Camaraderie).Trusts God with new approaches and changes, and communicates needs and limits with emotional intelligence*, while seeking confidence and wisdom in Christ. (Courageous Faithfulness)
  • Seeks and fosters authentic Christ-Centered relationships with people of various backgrounds and an inviting environment and empowers historically marginalized groups and indigenous populations (within the local context), through active listening, inclusion, advocacy of those who are vulnerable and respect of others’ experiences. (Kingdom Inspired Diversity).

Credentials Required & Preferred Education

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • A passion and drive for fundraising, sales, customer service, or customer experience is a must
  • Some event planning and management experience. Must be open to meeting new people and provide a positive interaction for them
  • 3+ years experience fundraising

TRAINING PROVIDED: This role requires training in the See The Story/Be The Story /YFC Champions Playbook pending Best Practice. This on-demand virtual training is provided by the Leader Formation Department and will include resources to help fulfill the responsibilities of this role. 


  • Paid vacation days as per employee handbook
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid sick days (6 each year)
    • These can be used for physical illeness or as a mental health day
  • Aflac Accident Coverage

EOE Statement

YFC is classified as an Association of Churches and as such our hiring practices reflect that designation. As a religious nonprofit organization, Youth For Christ incorporates within each leader role, the requirement to model, teach, share and live the faith. The relationship between YFC’s mission and each of its leaders is its lifeblood and as such does at all times and in all instances reserve the right to make employment decisions based upon a person’s religious beliefs, personal character and lifestyle consistent with our understanding of the Bible or with our overall goals and requirements for Christian ministry.

We seek to create a workplace that is intentional about Kingdom Inspired Diversity. Our commitment to our employees extends to their opportunities for growth, development, promotion, training and compensation.

We will make reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with known disabilities, unless doing so would result in an undue hardship to the organization.